Friday, September 24, 2010

We're Growing!

Thanks to my new followers, especially those who are getting involved and commenting. I'm trying to get this blog to take off, but I suspect it might have to take a fresh turn or two so I can keep attracting followers.

So, faithful readers, I have three choices for you:
  1. I keep posting on all kinds of random topics.
  2. Stick exclusively to the personal finance & investing theme that is generating attention.
  3. Focus the blog on personal finance & investing, but continue to throw in the random anecdote for variety.
Yes, I'm trying to expand, and I plan to do this by paying attention to my followers. So, what would you prefer? Leave your comments, I promise to read them all and follow up on them.


  1. 2. i enjoy blogs about finance :)

  2. I'd rather see some random stuff, dude.

  3. The CPU and Bandwidth it uses are minimal.
    Right now its runnin about 22-24k memory and hardly any bandwidth at all.
    It may be more when its idle but Im usually sleeping when thats the case.
    Also really dig your blog

  4. Keep up the good work friend, showin my daily support =)

  5. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  6. Nice, looking forward to future posts.

  7. i think you have a good chance with sticking to a specific topic that people know they can find when they need it. It will give you a better chance of people giving out your link to people who need that specific topic to be addressed. Good luck man