Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prey - Free laptop security

So, looking back through the blog, I had promised reviews of a number of Linux games. I had installed a ton of (mostly free) games on my laptop, and was spending some time playing them and noting the good, bad, and ugly.
My laptop was stolen. I'll spare the details here, largely in the interest of not jeopardizing the court case (yep, they caught the perps!), but point is ... I strongly recommend everyone check out Prey.

It is completely free, they seem to respect your privacy, and it works for Windows, OSX, Linux, and even Android. Also, if anyone finds a way to get it working on the Nokia N900 please let me know.

[Edit:] Apparently I was so eager to fire off a quick blog post that I forgot the Prey address. Check out for details. If you find that the site is in Russian and has nothing to do with laptop security, you have the wrong site (btw, I do believe that statement generalizes nicely).

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