Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Linux gaming: Actual good games!

I have been a Linux user for about 5 years now, and have not run Windows on any of my computers in over 2 years. I don't particularly dislike Windows, I just think Linux fits my personal needs (and budget!) better. I don't particularly dislike Apple products, just the die-hard Mac heads who evangelize for them ... but that is another topic.

When it comes to games, Linux has always been perceived as a weak platform. Sadly, for the most part, that is accurate. I'm by no means an avid gamer, but I want a good FPS experience now and then. There are scads of websites out there with lists of great Linux games, but they often include lame entries. Look, people: Tux Racer is fun, but it does not qualify as a modern gaming experience. And I'm sorry, but Chromium, though also fun for awhile, is closer to an arcade game than a legitimate first-person shooter.

So instead of a list, I present a series of posts reviewing a number of Linux games. Some will challenge my definition of "Linux games", so I present it here: Any game, free or commercial, which was intentionally created to run under Linux, or any game which can run easily and responsively under Wine. Yes, I know this will include some games which technically are not for Linux. No, I do not care, as long as it works.

With that, I leave you with a simple review: Unreal Tournament 2004 has a Linux installer. It runs exactly the same on Linux as it does under Windows, except game servers seem to be more reliable and have fewer connection issues. That's right, I firmly believe UT2004 actually runs better in Linux.
Now, back to playing...

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